Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Music Video Finale

Have you ever heard a really good song? So good that you just end up imagining what it would be like if you made a music video about it with some of your friends? Well for this project that's exactly what we are doing! We're doing another group project were we get to showcase our talents and create a music video with the song of our choice. My group includes my two classmate/friends Dana and Angela. The song we chose for our music video is Secrets by One Republic. We chose this song because we thought the song had a great storyline that could be displayed in many different ways. I personally liked the song because of the beat and how it started of with classical violin and went in that hard strum guitar.
The story we created follows a guitar player and songwriter. It starts off showing the fall after the climax where they are both really sad because of the events that took pace, the story then goes back in time as they start reminiscing, you find out that the writer was sad because after coming out of her writers block hole her story was rejected by her editor. The guitar player was sad because after getting all this cherish from her song that she was playing a fan decides to be mean and put the guitar player down. In the end you see the guitar player and songwriter confront each other as they give each other good criticism. The storyline connects to the lyrics because the story that the lyrics are telling start off with a sad beginning which is similar to ours because of the reminiscing and then ends up going into a more happy vibe at this point are characters are happy from moving on and the praise, but you hear in a certain part of the story it starts talking about a problem the lyrics saying "...when a situation rises..." and problems start arising for both characters as they start to get hate, then towards the end the characters go back into a more settled mood, as the characters come together.

The degree of how much my Music video showcases my best work in my opinion wouldn't be very high. I do believe that my group mates worked hard and so did I, but our time management skills weren't very well this project and that prevented us from doing so much more. such as shooting higher quality scenes, more color effects, and just the overall focus on production value. I think our project could be improved in many ways and there are lots of problems. one way we could have improved is to focus and be more aware of the deadline. in the end even though I believe our music video wasn't the highest quality, it was a great project, and I learned that, in future projects similar to this one, time management is very important and it was really fun getting to work with my group mates and friends.

Secrets by One Republic

I need another story

Something to get off my chest

My life gets kinda boring

Need something that I can confess

Til' all my sleeves are stained red

From all the truth that I've said

Come by it honestly I swear

Thought you saw me wink, no

I've been on the brink, so

Tell me what you want to hear

Something that will light those ears

Sick of all the insincere

I'm gonna give all my secrets away

My God, amazing how we got this far

It's like we're chasing all those stars

Who's driving shiny big black cars

And everyday I see the news

All the problems that we could solve

And when a situation rises

Just write it into an album

Send it straight to gold

I don't really like my flow, no, so

Tell me what you want to hear

Something that are like those years

Sick of all the insincere

I'm gonna give all my secrets away

This time, don't need another perfect lie

Don't care if critics never jump in line

I'm gonna give all my secrets away

Oh, got no reason, got no shame

All my secrets away

Friday, April 7, 2017

Movie Trailer Premier

"There are no rules in filmmaking. Only sins. And the cardinal sin is dullness." this quote was said by the famous Frank Capra a filmmaker who was the face behind multiple award winning films in the 1930's and 1940's. This quote basically says that a film can be anything you want and you can create anything because there are no limitations, but the worst thing you can do is create something boring. This week my class and I split-up into to groups of four and five and are creating a movie trailer to a fictitious movie. Our goal is to producing the trailer with highest level of production by drawing the audience in with a dramatic voice actor high quality filmed scenes, along with making poster that will hint at what the movie will feature. Every good project starts of with a plan, the way I contributed to my group's plan was writing the VA script that will be said in the trailer by our dramatic voice actor, I also contributed to some of the composition techniques that we will use while filming our trailer.

During this project I Learned multiple things about my teammates, and myself. We encountered both challenges and successes. One of the biggest challenges we faced were getting the team to meet at one place and time so that we could film outside of school. This problem occurred because of our level of communication with each other and our schedules being all different. Another big problem we faced was that we had to edit out story board to prevent any "Jump Cuts", sudden transitions from one scene to another, from occurring during the film. Despite the challenges there were also major successes we had. One of them being our Movie Poster showing reviews, all our movies character and great plot hints. Another success was our voice acting and are script, which we all helped to contribute on, and everyone did their best to become their character.

To conclude our movie trailer project we did a class critique. For my group we got a 4/4, our results show that we met all expectations and some people even thought that it went above and beyond to the level that it could be a movie trailer for a non-fictitious movie. We also won second place for the best movie trailer in our class next to "The Choice". This project I learned a lot on how to improve myself and my skills in filmmaking. with the challenges I faced during the production of the trailer, I learned that it's hard to get good communication between a group, and that it's important to establish good communication because that can not only affect the relationship you have with your peers but also with the production of your film. I also learned that it's important to thoroughly plan out your film because if you don't you can run into the problem that it might be low quality.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Metamorphosis Animation

These past few weeks my class and I have been working on an animation. The goal for this project is to create an animation that surrounds metamorphosis, or the stages in which physical change occurs. We do this by creating a story that surrounds a message that we want to spread. The project is to be done with logical explanations and originality. From those standards we also have to create a personalized soundtrack for our animation. In the animation not only will the physical characteristics of our character, but also the types of animations being used will changed. Some animation types that are used to create this animation is Stop-Motion, PhotoShop, Flip Book, Whiteboard, and Stykz.

The "focus statement" or basically the directory to our animation is Death Improves Generations. The sequence of events or the plot of this story follows a man named Henry. Henry is a loving old man with a kind heart and he decides to help a homeless girl named Anna, by going into the forest and getting her food. In the forest Henry gathers apples for Anna, as he leaves he ends up getting caught in a wildfire and he turns to ask but out of that ash sprouts an apple tree over time. As the tree is growing and flourished, we see Anna come back and she has grown and as she looks through the forest for food she comes across the tree and eats an apple as the apple settles her hunger and gives her shade. The way that connects to the death improves generations statement is because the death of Henry provided a bigger and better flourished tree for Anna and it help her survive and Anna is the next generation. In the first and second scene we get to know the character Henry and how he was kind enough despite being an older man he takes the risk of going into the forest for the sake of the little girl who he saw of the sides of the street. As the story progresses the third scene is when the action comes and lighting strikes and a fire starts turning Henry to ash. In the fourth scene we that the pile of ash turns into a big apple tree, where in the fight scene we are the introduced to Anna again and this time she gets food from the apple tree.

To conclude the project my class and I did a critique. I thought the critique was great and most of the groups got graded fairly. My group got an overall score of 3.5, in which I thought was fair. With the handwork and the big effort my group put in I thought it was great that we had the best animation in the class. However there were somethings that I could think of that could have prevented us from getting a higher score than 3.5. One of them would be the fact that it might have been better to work on scene 3 and try to make it a little more clear with what is happening in that part, because from when Henry is in the forest to when he turns into ash and seeds is a little unclear. Another thing is that there is some unnecessary sounds throughout the animation that might have been better if we made it a little softer during the editing process. My group in the end produced great work, and I believe we did a great job, our soundtrack flowed very well with each scene and each part, each scene despite the animation type was very well animated given the time we had for the animation, the audio matched with each part and there was a great city to forest transition. In the end I would say it's a great critique and we had great results.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Geometric Portraits

Emotions...expressions... Do we all feel the same? Are our facial expressions universal? Emotions are universal. We all have felt some happiness, or some sadness, whether we know it or not. For example fear, fear is an emotion that we were born with. The fears of loud noises and falling are two parts of fear that has been transmitted in our DNA and that has been used as a survival mechanism throughout generations. So we know emotions are universal, but are facial expressions universal and how do they relate to each other? Yes, facial expressions are universal, facial expressions are actions that are triggered by a feeling, meaning your body and your mind does things when you feel emotion, relating the terms of facial expression and emotion. For example when you feel love, your brain releases this hormone called Oxycontin, which can make your make your cheeks flushed. Cheeks are apart facial features, and cheeks are used when you show a blush that's an expression, creating a facial expression. A similar type of thing happens when you are in fear but instead of releasing Oxycontin, your body releases Adrenaline. Adrenaline is also a hormone, it usually takes a lot of energy off of the human body due to the increasing rates of blood circulation, breathing, and your pupils dilate. Meaning you facial expressions can become dull or pale and you eyes can get bigger, which is usually the expression of a feared person. Basically meaning that facial expression and emotions are not cultural, social, or religiously based, they are universal and have to do with the human body and how it reacts.

The making of Low Poly Portraitists is a long and sometimes confusing process, but in the end it's rewarding to see your finished and completed project. To create Low Poly Portraits you start with taking a portrait. A portrait is a photo of a person or yourself if you want, and it is usually taken with a head to shoulders view.You then transfer you portrait into photoshop. In photoshop adjust your photo so that it fits nicely on your grid, put your subject in a position in which you feel comfortable. You then duplicate the layer in which you have put your portrait on, and all your work will be done in that layer. The next step is optional, depending on the style of the Low Poly Portrait You want to make. that step would be making an outline with the line tool in photoshop, if you make an outline you only do half of the face and the other half can be done after all the color filling and making of triangles, where you just make a copy and flip the end to make the figure symmetrical. If you do not want to do this step you can just go straight into your polygonal lasso tool and start making your triangles. A tip for making your triangles is to use bigger triangles on larger parts of the subjects face and smaller triangles on make detailed places on the face such as the nose and eyes. After selecting a triangle with the polygonal lasso tool you are going to have to fill it with color. If you followed the step of making an outline the color filling is done by blurring the triangle in which you have selected. If not and you just went straight into your Polygonal Lasso tool, use the eyedropper tool fill in the select triangle with color. Once you have finished making your triangles and filling them with color your poly portrait should be done you then can work on a background whether you want to leave it with the original background that your picture had, a white background, or a modified picture from your portrait using filter to change the different levels of simpleness.

There are two ways I have created my Low Poly Portraits, the first way would be with an outline to make my polygonal shapes and the second way was just by using the Polygonal Lasso tool. they two portraits were made very differently but the also were similar in a way and I will explain two ways why they are different and two ways they are similar. One of the differences between the portraits is the way the pictures were taken, the outlined portrait was taken on a computer using a photo booth program using low quality lighting due to the picture being taken in a room, the portrait also wasn't a very expressive in emotion. While the portrait just using the polygonal lasso tool was taken with a higher resolution type of camera and there was better lighting due to the setting being in a place with better lighting, the portrait was also more expressive as it showed more of a personality to my subject. Another difference is how they were made, of course you can tell the difference just by the name "outlined portrait" and the "portrait just using the polygonal lasso tool", but the outlined portrait wasn't only different because it had an outline but also the way color was filled in by blurring the section, while the portrait just using the polygonal lasso tool was filled in by using the eyedropper tool to find a similar color to the color that selected spot. Although the are different in some ways they are are still similar in other ways. One way they are similar is the way they both involve using the geometric shape triangles to create the low poly figure. Another way they are alike is that that are similar sizes depending on the facial features like the skin having larger triangles and the lips having smaller triangles. That's how the two pictures have differences but still have certain features alike.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Verbal Landscapes

Nature.. nature is a beautiful thing, you can find a piece of nature every where you look, on the bottom of your shoes, on the ground next to a tree, in the jar of things you took from the beach. Nature is everywhere, and it impacts a lot in yours and my life. One way it impacts my life is the things that it provides for me as human, for example animals and plants that provided vegetation and fruits live in nature and they provide me with food to help keep me alive. Another way that it impacts my life is that it makes up almost everything around me, besides the things that are made from mankind, it would includes, the trees, the birds, dirt, grass, a butterfly, all of it is apart of nature. One of the last ways that I think nature impacts us is the weather and how a cretin places in nature is designed. I play soccer, so I know that if its raining on a day that we are gonna play a game, they are gonna cancel the game that day, because it wont be safe to play, because the ground and the ball will be wet, because rain is from nature, it is affecting my daily activities, and how I will decide to plan my day and that is a huge way nature can affect my life. This is how nature impacts me.

Time-lapse and slow-mo's are two types of videos used to capture a better perspective of the subject that you want to show and display. Time-lapse is a video in which displays the video in a sped up way where the events are much faster then they normally appear. A slow-mo is a video setting in which helps to slow down the video so the subjects action are captured in a more defined way. To make these videos you need an environmental tripod, an environmental tripod is a place in which you can put your camera or whatever device you are using to record your videos on. Your environmental tripod is so your video won't move or shake while its filming so the camera can stay for a longer period of time and you wont have any other unnecessary movements besides the scene you are capturing. When you are recording these videos you have to be very observant and make sure you keep a close eye on them. You create these videos by first recording them as normal non-edited videos, its just your camera set up on your environmental tripod filming the scenery/landscape ( if your taking a time-lapse) or your subject acting/ reacting to a certain thing ( if your taking a slow-mo). You then use a editing app or website, for my videos I used Final Cut Pro, to slow down or speed up your videos, depending on whether your editing the Time-lapse or slow-mo

While making my Time-lapse's and slow-mo's there were really challenging and difficult points in which happened to appear in the production of the videos, but there were also some parts of the project that were really interesting and was some of the best parts of the project. Some of the harder parts of the project was finding the right places to take my videos and finding a good environmental tripod to position my camera on. To find places in which could capture and highlight natures best features in, was a little harder to do those parts because of the places in which those scenery were in, some places has uneven ground so the camera would tilt and some places the wind was strong so the camera would fall. Some of my favorite parts of this project were getting to edit the videos and going through the process of converting the videos in to the slows-mo's and time-lapses's, because the editing of video really was fun and creative experience.

During the critique reflection for my class, we graded our videos on a one to four grading scale, one the lowest and four the highest, our videos were critiqued by each other and were based from the one to four rubric, we also chose the top or highest videos in the class. As you look at the red bar graph below you see my results, which is a two out of four. My video falls mostly under the developing category. I believe that my video was very well an accomplished project, and met all the qualifications of at least a three out of four, if not a four out of four.  For it had the needed about of time-lapses and slow-mo's required that were taken at home and there were also balanced text and audio overlays. For the pie chart below it shows the best overall videos in the class and my video got one of the highest amounts of votes for the best overall.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Poetic Personal Statement

What is poetry to you?... Poetry can mean many things to all kinds of people, to some it could be the light to all your problems, and to some it could just be a form of literature. To me poetry is a personal form of expression, some people dance, some sing, some draw, some play music, and some write poems. Poetry can be used used to express anything you want, your feelings, your goals, something you feel strongly about, your life. Poetry can mean and be used for a lot of different things to all kinds of people. Thats why there is so many types of poetry, to express all different things. Poems could be used for a description, like an acrostic poem, a poem where one of the letters in each line spell out a word or a phrase, or an alliteration poem, which uses the first letter of a word or phrase and has disruptive words that use the same first letter of the word. Poetry can be used for personal things, like to explain a way you might feel about yourself or some one else. For me I like poems to express myself and my emotions.

The person I am and the person I want to be both carry different things that mean a lot to me,
For I have traits in which I obtain and traits that I wish to gain,
My respect and loyalty keep my character clean,
But my lack of creativity will some times bring me to my knees, but it still makes me, me,
My optimism and realism combine, 
I come up with goals from my heart and achieve them by using my mind,
Keeping up and trying, so through paper and time, I'll tell you who am I,
I'm challenging my wit, to be able tell the sick that their days are not over with,
I will fail and cry but still walk through life with a grin, for I have still to meet the win,
I work hard and take my time, so later, I will be greater, and all we be just fine.

Poetry differs from other forms of literature in a lot of ways, and one of those ways is formatting. Two things that are used in poems are rhythm and rhyme, rhythm can be described as a strong repeated movement or pattern that occurs in the poem, you might hear the word rhythm and think music , its almost exactly the same, they both involve the sounding patterns or beats that might occur in the certain form of art, this is usually used to keep the flow the poem or music going and to create a pattern in which is easy to follow. The other thing in which I talked about is rhyming, which is words that end in similar sounds, you also might hear rhymes in music too. In my poem above I used rhyme. The reason I added rhyming into my poem is to add a deeper meaning to it, when I write poems I'm expressing who I am as a person, so I try to express my self to the best of my ability, and rhyming is something that I find easy to follow along to and easy to understand because it helps comprehend the words in-between, meaning the feeling behind the words.